Thrasher Magazine - Jake Phelps Issue
Thrasher Magazine - Jake Phelps Issue

Thrasher Magazine - Jake Phelps Issue

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Esta edición está dedicada a Jake Phelps, el editor de la revista durante 30 años y pieza clave en la escena del skateboarding falleció recientemente.

Siendo una de las voces más influyentes en el patín, su contribución sin duda ha moldeado de alguna manera el skateboarding tal y como lo hemos conocido durante las 3 últimas décadas.


Gone but never forgotten, Jake Phelps lived life to the fullest, fastest and gnarliest. This issue is a tribute to the love that he had for skateboarding and the good times that remain in our hearts for eternity. Jake ignited the fire in the souls that he came in contact with, from San Francisco to Australia and every push in between. Life’s crazy, but Jake was crazier—read the stories from the ones who experienced it all with him. He left behind the key to all things skateboarding. Excerpts from his notes and personal stories from the legend himself will show you the way. Lots of heavy stuff in this issue: Jake was still watching as the Death Match ravaged Texas—music blaring and hard slams. What could be better? Welcome summoned the Skate Gods to show you how it’s done. Jake’s final ride down to Chile will assure you skateboarding is in good hands. These guys are prepared for war. This one ain’t short and sweet. Toughen up, take the slams and keep on pushin’. This one’s for you, kid. Skateboarding doesn’t owe you shit, but we owe it to you to skate every day we can.

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